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Fabulous Ferocious Frantic Furious Fantastic Fresh Funky B-boy Mix -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-01-14
B-boy mix of D.J Junk's killer b-boy tracks, break mixes, funk remixes , soul and disco remixes. All mixed up in a 2 hour and 37 min mix starting with slower tempo for the warm up and gradually increasing in speed towards the end. A mixture of tracks old and new.

I Wanna See You Dance To My Dangerous Beat -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-06-06

Super intense B-boy breaks mash up mix battle track with loads of killer breaks and a bass-line with an attitude! Perfect for a b-boy battle, also great for double deck action as has breaks on their own to cut up and double up.

Got Another Funky Break 122bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2013-03-00

'Got Another Funky Break' by DJ Junk

Loads of mad bongo breaks coming in and out with scratches, rolling bassline and a sample from t ski valley - 'catch the beat'

Thunderbird -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-05-22
B-boy track with slamming breakbeats and a rumbling bassline. Some big band theme music going on in there also.

searching for records with bongo beats 118 bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2015-05-01

B-boy breaks mix track, lots of different breaks coming in and out with scratches, funky bassline and samples from an old skool hip hop classic -
DST 'The Home Of Hip Hop'

bullet -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2014-08-00

Hard breaks with easy listening horns and bassline, slight big band sound but funky as hell.

my dj is second to none -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2013-07-00

b-boy track with rolling bassline and bongo breaks

magic city -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2013-04-01

Break beat mash-up track with some nice funky samples etc

breakdancing on the head 130bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2012-08-00

breakdancing on the head by dj junk

B-boy battle track with rolling bassline and rough bongo breaks, samples from 'Rock the House' by The B-Boys

Breaks 122 bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2012-03-24

Breaks 122 BPM by DJ Junk

Breakbeat mix at 122 B.P.M. with loads of wicked breaks and rumbling bassline.

Jean Patit Alouet 132bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2012-07-00

Jean Patit Alouet by DJ Junk

rough breaks with some 60's soundtrack business going on

cheeba latino 140bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2012-12-00

Cheeba latin by DJ Junk.

Fast b-boy track with mad latin bongo break, later on a rolling bassline kicks in.

Repetitive but very motivating.

A real battle track, great for double decking too.


Im Nobody Who Are You -- credits:7--

Author: Random Nobodies - 2011-08-27
Fast breakbeat track with loads of wicked breaks and a rolling bassline. Great for battles!

time to make the floor burn 138 bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2012-03-00
time to make the floor burn - DJ Junk

Break beat mix track with loads of dope breaks and other bits

122 -- credits:8--

Author: DJ Junk - 2009-08-01
Breakbeat mega mix, loads of obscure rough breaks etc

King Of The Beat -- credits:8--

Author: DJ Junk - 2010-01-01
Fast battle tune with lots of different breaks and other stuff that comes in and out

Im Gonna Cut You A Break -- credits:8--

Author: DJ Junk - 2009-00-00
Breakbeat mash-up track, loads of filthy breaks and rolling bassline, features a sample from the movie 'Back To The Future'

disco construction -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2008-11-01

marching up and down the square -- credits:6--

Author: Random Nobodies - 2011-08-27

you only loop twice -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2001-01-01

the spy who looped me -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

Damaged Brain FREE DOWNLOAD -- credits:0--

Author: DJ Junk - 1996-06-01

Rock The House -- credits:6--

Author: TD Records - 1986-00-00
One of those anonymous mixes that comes out now and then but is a dance floor monster. Starting with James Brown's 'Give it up or turn it loose' then goes into the break from 'Scratching' by The Magic Disco Machine with The B-Boy's 'Rock the house' over the top giving it it's name.

b-boy style -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 1996-00-00

break o two zero -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 1997-00-00

Body Of Loops -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

Osama Bin Loopen -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

Scratch Me If You Can -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

thats fresh -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

break that -- credits:0--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

The Break Street Boys -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2000-00-00
Originally released on vinyl in 2000 on the 'Breaker Breaks Volume 4' album. Breakbeat mix featuring samples from 'Nautilus' by Bob James , 'B-Boys Breakdance' By The Hi Fidelity Three, 'Caravan' by Rhythm Heritage and lots of others.

B-Boyzone -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2000-00-00
Originally released on vinyl in 2000 on the 'Breaker Breaks Volume 4' album. Breakbeat mix featuring samples from 'Scorpio' by Dennis Coffey , 'Funky Mule' by Ike & Tina Turner , 'Tibetian Jam' by Chris The Glove Taylor , 'Clear' by Cybertron and lots of others.

amen brother edit 144bpm -- credits:6--

Author: the bamboos - 0000-00-00
New version of the amen brother break , this has had a re-edit to make it more b-boy and D.J. friendly

Big Apple Productions Volume 2 -- credits:6--

Author: Genius At Work - 0000-00-00
'Big Apple Productions Volume 2' Genius At Work

Big Bread Winner -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 1999-05-01
Fast breakbeat battle track with electro basslines, scratches and other samples.

It Burns -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2002-11-00
Was released on the 'Powermoves' Lp in 2004, dark breakbeat track with samples from 'The Exorcist' 1973 horror film directed by William Friedkin. Scratches by Dj Madmoney.

The Final Countdown FREE DOWNLOAD -- credits:0--

Author: DJ Junk - 2009-06-06

The Final Countdown - FREE DOWNLOAD!
D.J. Junk
Breakbeat remix of 'The Final Countdown' by Europe.

Learning The Piano -- credits:6--

Author: Random Nobodies - 2011-07-28
Lots of mad breaks, funky bassline. Samples from Monty Python's 'Meaning of Life' - 'Marching Up And Down The Square' sketch.

Break Hawk Down -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2008-00-00

Unbreakable -- credits:7--

Author: DJ Junk - 0000-00-00

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