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Happy Earbleed Breakbeats 122bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-08-23

Full on battle track with rolling bassline and super hard breaks, different breaks coming in and out with sections of the just the break for double decking.

D.J. Junk
'Happy Earbleed Breakbeats'

Treasure Of San Miguel 122bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-08-21

Latin style track with horns remixed with tuff breaks

Revolooption Two 122BPM -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2013-04-00

revolooption two 122BPM -DJ Junk

easy listening libary track with hard breaks over the top

Got Another Funky Break 122bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2013-03-00

'Got Another Funky Break' by DJ Junk

Loads of mad bongo breaks coming in and out with scratches, rolling bassline and a sample from t ski valley - 'catch the beat'

122 -- credits:8--

Author: DJ Junk - 2009-08-01
Breakbeat mega mix, loads of obscure rough breaks etc

Breaks 122 bpm -- credits:6--

Author: DJ Junk - 2012-03-24

Breaks 122 BPM by DJ Junk

Breakbeat mix at 122 B.P.M. with loads of wicked breaks and rumbling bassline.

122bpm man pass -- credits:4--

Author: - 0000-00-00

122bpm go to hell -- credits:4--

Author: - 0000-00-00

122bpm augusta georgia -- credits:4--

Author: - 0000-00-00

122 bpm yellow soul -- credits:4--

Author: - 0000-00-00

122 bpm spanky man -- credits:4--

Author: - 0000-00-00

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