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Old Skool Hip Hop And Electro Volume 1 -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 1995-00-00

1980's hip Hop And Electro Mix, done in 1995

track list

'Fresh Mess' Knights Of The Turntables
'Tibetan Jam' Chris 'The Glove Taylor'
'Surgery' World Class Wreckin' Crew
'Egypt Egypt' Egyptian Lover
'What People Do For Money' Divine Sounds
'Computer Power' Jamie Jupitor
'Let's Jam' The Unknown DJ
'Breaker's Revenge' Arthur Baker
'Slice It Up' Kool Rock Jay & D.J. Slice
'Scratching 100 Speakers' Dr Dre
'Rock The House' The B-Boys
'Crazy Cuts' Grandmixer DST
'Shake And Break' The Boogie Boys
'Live It Up' The Imperial Brothers
'Breakdancer' Boogie Boys
'Body Rock' Ice T
'Scratch Motion' The Triple Threat Three
'Summer' Fantasy Three
'B-Boy Breakdance' High Fidelity Three
'The Buck Stops Here' Fantasy Three

Old Skool Hip Hop And Electro Volume 4 -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 1996-06-00

1980's hip Hop And Electro Mix, done in 1996

Track List-

'Techno Scratch' Knights Of The Turntables
'Dance' The Egyptian Lover
'D.E.F. Momentum' D.E.F.
'Girls' The Egyptian Lover
'808 Beats' The Unknown D.J.
'We Are The Knights' Knights Of The Turntables
'Electric Kingdom' Twilight 22
'Clear' Cybotron
'Style Of The Street' Broken Glass
'Jam On It' Newcleus
'The Battle' Sparky D vs The Playgirls
'Breaking In Space' Keymatic
'The DMX Will Rock' Davy DMX
'Dedication' Fearless Four
'Son Of Beat Street' Jazzy J
'Hear Comes The Beat' Pumpkin And The Profile All Stars
'Leader Of The Pack' UTFO
'Cosmic Blast' Captain Rock
'Bite This' Roxanne Shante

Old Skool Hip Hop And Electro Volume 2 -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 1996-00-00

1980's hip Hop And Electro Mix, done in 1996

track list

'Take Your Radio' Steady B
'Transformer' Graig G
'Stick Up Kid' The B-Boys
'Beat Biter' MC Shan
'He Cuts So Fresh' Marley Marl
'Just Call Us Def' Steady B
'Don't Dis Me' Robert S
'Fly Shante' Steady B
'Runaway' Roxanne Shante
'How Fast Money Goes' Divine Sounds
'World Class' World Class Wreckin Cru
'B-Boy Style' Lil Jazzy J & Cool Surpreme
'Coast To Coast' Word Of Mouth & D.J. Cheese
'Life's A Ghetto' Dr. Fresh
'Darrel And Joe' Run DMC
'Mix So I can Go Crazy' Jazzy Jeff
'Triple Threat' Z 3 Mc's
'Busy B's Groove' Busy B
'Rockin' It' Fearless 4

Fabulous Ferocious Frantic Furious Fantastic Fresh Funky B-boy Mix -- credits:40--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-01-14
B-boy mix of D.J Junk's killer b-boy tracks, break mixes, funk remixes , soul and disco remixes. All mixed up in a 2 hour and 37 min mix starting with slower tempo for the warm up and gradually increasing in speed towards the end. A mixture of tracks old and new.

Happy Earbleed Breakbeats 122bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-08-23

Full on battle track with rolling bassline and super hard breaks, different breaks coming in and out with sections of the just the break for double decking.

D.J. Junk
'Happy Earbleed Breakbeats'

Treasure Of San Miguel 122bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-08-21

Latin style track with horns remixed with tuff breaks

Tough Assignment 128bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-08-22

70's style cop show TV theme music / library music remixed with dope breakbeats and hip hop stabs and samples

Show Stopper 124bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-06-20

Breaks as hard as nails in this super tuff battle track.

Show Stopper 124bpm

D.J. Junk

Latin Track -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 0000-00-00
Remix of killer latin track

Pegasus Fire -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-05-00

Rock funk track remixed with hard b-boy breaks

Its The Same Old Droning Beat -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2015-05-00

breakbeat mash-up track with killer breaks and rolling bassline

Ebonite Remix -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-05-00

B-boy remix and re-edit of this super rare killer disco tune

Love To The World Remix New -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2018-01-14
br> New remix of this classic b-boy anthem, remixed with hard breaks over the top

Bamboo Keystone Remix NEW VERSION -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-05-27
New version of this banging remix with added breaks. Kills the battle!

I Wanna See You Dance To My Dangerous Beat -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-06-06

Super intense B-boy breaks mash up mix battle track with loads of killer breaks and a bass-line with an attitude! Perfect for a b-boy battle, also great for double deck action as has breaks on their own to cut up and double up.

Thunderbird -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-05-22
B-boy track with slamming breakbeats and a rumbling bassline. Some big band theme music going on in there also.

Holding On Remix -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-05-25
Killer disco tune remixed b-boy style with super tuff breakbeats

The Sun -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2016-09-00

Funky track with dope b-boy breaks

searching for records with bongo beats 118 bpm -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2015-05-01

B-boy breaks mix track, lots of different breaks coming in and out with scratches, funky bassline and samples from an old skool hip hop classic -
DST 'The Home Of Hip Hop'

Love Has Come Around Breakbeat Remix 117bpm -- credits:6--

Author: Donald Byrd vs D.J. Junk - 2014-07-00

b-boy remix of this soul classic

Donald Byrd vs D.J. Junk

So You Want To Be A Star Breakbeat Remix -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2017-03-05

Killer disco tune remixed with b-boy breaks

Gold -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 0000-00-00

The Possie Is Large -- credits:6--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2009-00-00

Remix of this classic 80's hip hop track by Lakim Shabazz and The 45 King to give it some funky b-boy flavor.

Steel Drum Tropicana -- credits:7--

Author: D.J. Junk - 2009-11-01

Steel Drum Tropicana by DJ Junk

steel drum madness...

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